Future of Vanes!

Do you require precision in-situ measurement of undrained shear strength? We have the solution that is leading the way. Several years ago Gregg Canada invested in a new revolutionary all-digital down-hole in-situ field vane system produced in Holland by A.P. van den Berg, The CPT factory. This iCone Vane module provides you the data you need to assess undrained and remolded shear strength for the assessment of soft ground on your project sites.

What’s the difference you ask?!?!

The torque measurement and drive motor are positioned down hole – immediately above rotating vane blades! With data collection at 0.1deg intervals throughout the test and real-time view of the progress at the top-side control screen – “impressed” and “where have you been all my life” rise as favorites in the word cloud. For more info, send me a message or email marketing@greggdrilling.ca.

Let’s not only get you data, let’s get you the best data!

ICone Vane

ICone Vane