Tailings Program Complete – Sectional Barge

Our multi-disciplinary team members have been floating around in North Central BC for the past month on a water-capped inactive tailings pond. Crews set-up on our custom designed 30’ x 40’ sectional barge platform to access this work area. With plenty of work space to take a wide range of tools for the project, the barge was paired with our multi-purpose mobile B-53 skid rig and a CPT push ram system for this project to complete traditional mud rotary drilling and sampling, thin-walled tube sampling, SPT/LPT, rock coring, electronic vane-shear and CPTu/sCPTu testing.

All of this on a mobile platform that can be accessed on remote industrial roads. One of the great features of our 3-section barge is its ability to be transported and assembled quickly at your work site. This unit can travel via truck and road, great for tailings ponds, lakes, and rivers. Shallow draft, hydraulic spuds or anchors, and a high load capacity provide a wide range of operational capabilities for over water work on this barge.

Sectional Barge- Mine Tailings